Harry, 10 days

Ahhh, sweet little Harry left me all loved up today from his session. He stared deeply into my soul while awake and slept so soundly while I was posing him. He didn't enjoy being moved between setups but was a superstar at settling & pooping!

Harry's parents requested no props and for the photos to be all about little Harry. And well, I LOVE that.

We as photographers get so caught up in styling with the 'latest' props & trends out that we often forget to pull it back. I absolutely loved today's session, as for me it was more about photography and all it's gorgeousness. Makes me want to declutter props and focus more on this style, as this is where I started.. a blanket, babies and a camera. It is always good to go back to basics, so THANK YOU Sarah & Jake for *reminding* me that when it comes to capturing babies newness, less is more!

I am so behind with publishing galleries for the blog, but couldn't help but leave this here... enjoy!

(stay tuned for more of Harry's gallery in the coming weeks).

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