Imogen, 21 days

Ahhh, sweet little Imogen.

Born at 3.93 kgs she was a strong little love that kept me on my toes for her newborn portraits. Although her session was focused on wrapped images she was certainly good at escaping them. I loved how every time I got her in her newborn prop setup, she gave me 0.02 seconds to get the shot and then move on quickly, hehe.

I think Imogen will certainly know what she wants in her life, she will be ready when she is ready and everybody else better keep up!! Oh, and we can't forget to mention the rolls she is destined to have in the very near future. if her cheeks are anything to go by!

Her big brother Brodie wasn't too interested in having a photo with his little sister, but being the very kind and chatty little boy he is he'll be interacting with his sister in no time. For now.. we'll rely on his love for dinosaurs and using them to get that perfect sibling shot! Sibling portraits are by far the hardest newborn images to capture, but nothing will stop me at trying to get that perfect print for parents to hang proudly on their wall.

See how it is done below!!

Also, the many faces of Imogen.

Sydney Newborn Photography by Little Feather Photography

Newborn baby girl in pink smiling