Have you really missed the boat for newborn portraits? A must read for every new parent.

You found out you were expecting! A million things cross your mind and you start to prepare for the most exciting yet frightening moment in your life! 

You want to be the best parent, have all the right baby items and make sure your baby has the best childhood possible.

Of course, professional portraits cross your mind. You start looking online or ask your friends for recommendations.  You find a bunch of photographers you like and plan on booking in, then something called life happens. 

A pram, a cot, breast pump, dummy, nappies, sterilisers.... the list goes on and on.  

Suddenly your baby is here and you stare at this brand new little person. This is when you remember you want to freeze this moment for eternity. Capturing the complete deliciousness of your brand new baby. 

So often parents get caught up in preparing for baby they simply forget to book newborn portraits in advance. Most professional and well sort after newborn photographers will most likely be booked out in advance, if you are lucky enough to reach out in the early weeks and the photographer you have chosen can fit you in, go for it!

You will never regret getting fresh photos of your new baby. 

Although, for most when baby is here it is all about survival of the chaos in a newborn home. From sleep deprivation to focusing on keeping their new little body nourished and happy.

Then BOOM weeks or months have passed.

Have you really missed the boat for newborn portraits? 

In one part yes, in another definitely not! 

While many photographers turn away portraits for babies who may have missed the curly sleepy nudie newborn state, you know that time when they have the cutest retractable frog legs that still behave like they're in the womb (gahhh why do they grow?!) ... in all honesty I embrace the older period too.

Newborn styled imagery at 12 weeks old is still very possible!  

Well of course, it is important to educate and manage expectations of what the portraits will look like as the sleepy phase has come and gone but still 100% worth it no matter what age baby is when you finally manage to get out of the house removing vomit from any shirt you can find. Or when you can finally wash your hair and put on your first pair of real pants.. no, not the house pants that have become a permanent fixture to your body, but gosh they are good! 

The nudie trend is on its way out and it is all about the organic and textured wraps/props that compliment your baby's soft and beautiful skin.

My favourite age to photograph after the newborn period is quite easily 12 weeks! Baby is happy, can maintain great eye contact... they genuinely think I am hilarious and will show off the gummy smiles like teeth will never exist!

Parents, don't sweat it!

You may have missed the nudie posed portraits where your baby would resemble a taco or a frog... but LOOK at this little face.

newborn baby girl professional portrait laying on olive green prop smiling

They will never look like this again. Our children are only ever lent to us. We will never know how long we will be able to keep them for before they head off on their own path. My only advice is to book your portrait soon as you can take a breath from the newborn haze of your life, because before you know it you will be watching your baby sit, crawl, stand and run away from you. This is the moment, right now, that you will never get back. 

newborn baby girl professional portrait laying on rustic texture wrap smiling big eyes

(Images: Savannah, 12 weeks old 08/06/2018 Copyright of Little Feather Photography)

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