Hudson, 11 days

'After every storm there is a rainbow of hope'

Today, I was lucky enough to meet a very special rainbow baby, named Hudson. This was the second session their parents had planned with me but unfortunately fate had different plans for their first baby girl, Thea. Who unfortunately left them way too soon. I was heartbroken for this family I had never met and the only thing I could suggest at the time is to contact Heartfelt and get some photos of this heartbreaking time. I am so happy they did, and so was Mum. She said at the time she didn't know if she wanted them and was in a place of heartbreak that photos wasn't something she was thinking about. But despite how hard it was she is truly pleased she did.

Prepping for the session for this sweet boy I asked if they could bring along items & photographs of baby Thea, so as a big sister she could be a part of the photos as well.

Having met Alicia & Sam at Hudson's session today definitely showed me what true resilience & strength looked like all wrapped up in a little family.

But what amazed me the most was that Hudson knew what his job was today. He did not stir, cry or move out of positions which we all know is unusual for a newborn session (hehe). He enjoyed a cuddle and happily posed for his photos. He knew HE was what his parents needed most right now, him. And when I tried to remove Thea's photo after I had finished the setup, he did not want to let it go.

I am so very happy for Hudson and his family and wish them nothing but a beautiful life together.