AJ, Cake Smash

Little Aj was carried into the studio at a tiny 8 days old just over a year ago for his Newborn Photography Session. He was tiny but fierce! He disliked being unwrapped but was happy to flash some wind smiles for me during his photo shoot. At 6 months he returned and he had grown, my goodness he had grown. He was incredibly shy but had this stare that looked right into your soul. He was so precious, and chubby!

At 11 months old he returned for his First Birthday Cake Smash Session, and my goodness he had grown in the past few months. He had turned form a teeny tiny human to a crawling machine!

AJ wasn't a huge fan of cake, so he won't be hard to keep away from sweet, but he sure loved BALLOONS! He had the time of his life pulling them down. Then his personality exploded when he hit the Bubble Bath Portraits. There was no longer a shy staring AJ, he was now a water splashing champion!

It has been incredibly touching to see this gorgeous family return for each milestone, investing in his baby portraits and will be now cherishing these for a lifetime. I feel honoured I was able to capture him in all his stages of his first year!

Wishing you a Happy Birthday at in the coming weeks Ayden! I hope you & your gorgeous parents enjoy every moment!