Frequently Asked Questions

Newborn & Baby Photography

Sydney Newborn Photographer - Little Feather Photography by Gillian


Where is my baby's photography session held?

Your newborn session will take place in my home studio in Lalor Park. This is 5 minutes from Bella Vista, 10 mins from Blacktown and only 15 mins from Rouse Hills area. I currently offer my services to clients that travel from all over Sydney with this central location.

When is the best time to photograph my newborn?

The best time to photograph a newborn baby is when they are under two weeks of age, preferably around the 10 day old mark.  

After two weeks babies will take longer to settle reducing the number or type of setups available. Newborns quickly become aware of their new surroundings & each week become more alert. Newborns under 2 weeks old will give me a squishy tiny baby to pose & settle as if they were still in your womb, for best results I will always prefer to stay within this time frame.

However sometimes this is unavoidable for parents who may not have booked in advance and I will still create lovely memories of newborns outside this time frame. Babies older than 10-14 days are generally posed in wraps & props more so than nudie and are generally limited to certain props/poses. Expectations vary for different ages.


When is the best time to book my newborn session?

You can contact me at any time during your pregnancy to give me an estimated due date, I will then mark your due date down with a booking fee securing your placement on my monthly planner. No sessions are guaranteed until a Booking Fee is paid.


What do I do when I have had my baby?

When you arrive home from hospital with your brand new baby you may contact me to confirm the time and day for your session. Please ensure this is not the first thing on your mind. I am already expecting an email or call. Clients usually contact me no later than 2-3 days after birth. Please keep in mind the sooner you do contact, the more date options are available. 


How long will my session/booking take?

Newborn sessions can take 2-4.5 hours, allowing enough time for feeding, posing, comforting, photographing your baby and viewing your gallery. The photography portion of the booking is a small percentage of what takes place. Feeding and posing are the more time consuming parts of the whole process - don't worry, I am extremely patient and have a lot of experience working with newborn babies.

I work at their pace to safely pose them, never rushing or forcing a newborn into position. 

Please prep partner of the duration so they are prepared. Please keep in mind the first 30 mins is for siblings if they co-operate.

Baby sessions (excluding newborn) generally go for 30 mins dependent on child's behaviour.


What will my older children do while waiting? 

Sibling and parent shots are also included in your newborn booking if requested (excluding mini sessions). It is important to let me know ahead of time if there will be sibling shots as these will take place in the first 15-30 minutes of the session (if they co-operate). The remainder of the session will be focused on baby alone and all of the time allocated is required. It is an important requirement that all children must be taken home as soon as I have finished photographing them so the studio is kept calm and quiet. Having someone come along to take your other children home or out for the dat is appreciated.

It is now contracted that should parents not implement this requirement, certain poses/props will be excluded from the session. I understand your new baby may have sleep fine since returning home with an older sibling being noisy in the house, however they will be moved, touched, wrapped and unwrapped which is different to simply just being at home. It's also important to note that your baby is around a week old and they are not yet used to or accustomed to anything as yet.

 A clam, quiet studio is required for the results I am booked for. Also this is my home and I do find it difficult to concentrate or relax when children are roaming freely or running up and down my stairs into my personal space while I am trying to safely pose your newborn.

Therefore, should parents refuse to have Dad or another family member take the older sibling/siblings our for only 2ish hours, the session will either be cut shorter or only include wrapped photos of baby, possibly removing any requested shots. Thank you for understanding!  

Dad is encouraged to return for the viewing, with any older siblings. At this time (3ish hours after the start time) the older siblings would have eaten lunch, a possible nap in the car and a play at the park. Therefore they will not be cranky or over tired should they have stayed in the 28 degree dark studio without a nap or food and constantly being told not to touch easily breakable equipment or run around which will hinder the mood and atmosphere.  This is honestly also in the best interest of your children and yourself. 

What do I need to bring?

My studio has a wide range of props to use to create stunning timeless images, but if you have something sentimental you wish to bring to incorporate into your session, please do so and let me know prior. Please ensure you expect that some items may not be appropriate and I can deny the usage if it deems unsafe or inappropriate for newborn portraiture.

Please bring a dummy/pacifier & extra formula (or pumped breast milk). This will be required and will make it easy on your baby.

What do I need to do during the session?

Nothing, just sit back and watch. There may be certain poses I will require a 'spotter' for and I will ask one of the parents to help, usually Dad as the smell of Mum's milk can throw off the sleeping baby and send them into a hunger frenzy. This is also why I ask Mums to sit and watch from a short distance or your newborn may smell your milk and become unsettled. Over handling during a session is very common if doting Mums want to pick up their baby every time they stir.

To ensure your newborn's session runs smoothly without over tiring them, it is best to always allow the photographer to direct the session and not to pick up baby every time they stir.

However I will pose and comfort your newborn during the session. It is best for Mums relax as much as possible as your newborn will feed off your energy. As I pose and settle your newborn they may get fussy, as at this age when they are awake they are usually feeding. 

As your newborn photographer I take great pride in not only presenting you with high quality finished work but also ensuring that posing your newborn is done safest manner. This has come with a lot of training and experience on how to pose newborns safely with your

new little person as the top priority.

Many images are a composite of multiple images to create a desired look. Also known as 'photoshop magic', having these skills allows for a broader range of poses for your portraits.

What do parents and sibling wear for photos?

This information is sent to you upon booking in a electronic guide to assist you in preparing for your session. I encourage neutral clothing and to keep patterns simple. Dress up, do your hair/make up and enjoy the spotlight.

Avoid prints on shirts, logos and bold bright colours. Timeless images always have a neutral palette.

What if my baby doesn't sleep?

If your baby doesn't sleep we continue with awake images. Some parents say they prefer awake images - while I do love & understand this can be a preference, awake babies under 14 days are usually unsettled, go cross-eyed and/or do not keep their arms and legs still whilst unswaddled. This doesn't portray nicely in portraits with moving limbs. If sleepy poses are not your taste, I would suggest you opt for a 3-6 month old session instead. Otherwise I encourage each parent to follow the electronic guide sent upon booking to prepare your baby for a sleepy session.

How soon will I view my images?

You will view and purchase your gallery within 40 mins after the photography portion of your booking ends. 

You will be invited to help yourself to a hot or cold drink in the studio at our self-service drink station. Relax, pack up your belongs and if needed nurse/feed your baby. 

During this 40 mins I will prep your files for viewing which includes carefully selecting the best images from each setup, cropping and applying a soft edit so you can see how the finished product will look. Skin editing including removing peeling skin, blotchiness, rashes & making the images pop will be applied after images have been purchased. 

Holding your photography session and ordering session in one appointment removes another trip back and fourth at a later date. Allowing Dad to attend the session.