Frequently Asked Questions - Review & Ordering Appointment

Where is the Review and Ordering Appointment held?

This appointment will be held in the studio you attended your portrait session in. My studio address is;

     139 Frederick Street, Lalor Park

How soon will I view my images?

Generally within 2 - 4 weeks. This time frame is given to account for any emergencies or unforeseen situations that arise in my personal life. Usually images are viewed after 2 weeks dependent on availability for both parties.

How many are included in the Session I have already paid for?

Please refer back to your quotation/invoice provided for all inclusions for what you have currently purchased. All sessions have a minimum order amount. This is dependent on session type.

How much are additional images?

Additional images are $50 each and can be purchased at the R&O Appointment.

You may add additional images to any package purchased, however you will find that I have priced packages to save you money as you upgrade your package.

Can you give us a discount?

No, all packages are carefully calculated to cover the costs of time & cost of goods sold. Although I have created packages that provide you with higher savings the more you spend. Happy for you to do the calculations to see the values of the packages.

Are both parents required to be present at the Review & Ordering Appointment?

Both are not required to attend, and this can usually make decision making easier when there are no differing opinions. However it can also be difficult to finalise your package if you need to ask your partner first.

If naturally you are unable to commit to a decision then all decision makers must be present at this appointment as all orders are final at the viewing. As you can appreciate, holding onto all sessions I photograph carries too much storage space. So prepare to make decisions of which images you wish to let go.

If you prefer to come alone then by all means I welcome that, if you don't want your husband to know what you have spent - you wouldn't be the first!

Can I think about ordering products?

All orders are final at time of Review & Ordering Appointment as mentioned above. This is a set business practice to assist in keeping everything in order and finalised rather than following up numerous orders and juggling different communication.

Once the R&O appointment is held, orders are placed same day to ensure your products get to you as soon as possible.

Session images are also no longer kept after ordering is finialised and delivered due to the large amount of hard drive space required to store all customers files. The only files I hold on to are the ones you have purchased for up to 1 year. As with anything it is always good to make copies to a cloud or email them to yourself for backup.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, payment plans are available for Silver, Gold and Diamond packages. Payment plans are not available for session payments or Bronze Package.  Please keep in mind, no product orders are placed until full payment is made. There are no fees to use a payment plan. However digital copies are not provided to client until paid in full and there are set terms and conditions regarding payment plans and penalties may apply if payments are missed or late.

Can I request more images than the final gallery?

No, the final gallery are the amount (sometimes more, never less) quoted to be delivered in a final gallery. Each image is carefully selected from the entire session with only satisfactory images being represented. Any unsatisfactory images including out of focus, duplicates or poor lighting images will not be included in the final gallery.