Newborn Photography is such an amazing experience and one I take great honor in being a part of. I mean, I am most likely a stranger yet I get to meet your baby within the first week or so!
So firstly, THANK YOU for considering me to be your family photographer and trusting me with your sweet brand new baby. I know you have had unlimited choices when choosing a newborn photographer and I am truly blessed to be able to capture these incredible moments for you and your family to treasure for the years to come!
The Session put simply:
Newborn Photography Sessions are generally 3 - 4.5 hours long which includes feeding and soothing to ensure your baby is at their most relaxed state for photographs, posing, photographing and purchasing your collection.
I photograph newborns up to 21 days old but always encourage parents to attend their session as soon as possible, usually within the first 10 days to ensure we not only achieve the sleepy poses but so it is calmer for your newborn as they will sleep more in the early days.
Babies over 14 days will generally only like being wrapped, please be prepared for this or try your best to schedule sooner.
The studio will be warm around 28-30 degrees for bubs comfort. The womb is around 36 degrees so for nakey photos (only if requested) it is vital that they are completely comfortable as they cannot regulate their own temperature. 
I supply all the pretty items your baby is photographed with and I style your session for you, after all that is what you are paying me for. Although I encourage clients to communicate with me their favourite colours and the type of photos they like best. I then prepare your session ahead of time. You preferences are communicated through a quick questionnaire.
Purchasing the images:
You will be invited back to view your images approx. 2 weeks following your photography session to view and purchase your collection at your Purchasing Appointment. 
I have been running newborn sessions for over 6 years now and have tried many ways of ways structuring my sessions & purchasing and whilst each had their benefits, it always came back to one particular structure that worked best - viewing your images completed and in print on a separate day to your session. 
We'll be honest and say that sitting at the studio for 3-4 hours in a warm room while you are already sleep deprived will make you too sleepy to make decisions. I have found that it is also better for my health to not work in tough conditions for 5-6 hours straight without food, so if you're wondering why you have to return on a seperate date - I promise you it will be in the best interest of everyone! 
My Purchasing Appointments are held at either 2.30 pm on most weekdays or 6 pm on some week nights. Occasionally I will hold them on Weekends but this is not required of me to do so as it is outside of business hours, and they are limited 1-2 per month only. If you schedule a Weekend for your session and pay the additional fee, you will be offered a weekend date on one of those 1-2 per month. 
You will have the pricing provided to you up front when you enquire, and have plenty of time to decide leading up to the Purchasing Appointment. I have very simple digital collections to help the process be made as simply as possible. 
The images you'll view will be the final gallery available for purchase & will be fully edited and I will have plenty of examples of products on hand for viewing. 
You will then select the images you wish to purchase, or choose to purchase all as per collection options.
All products are available to add on and are locally sourced & are of the highest professional quality available.
If you are after digital ONLY on USB's then I am not the photographer for you - and that is totally ok
When I set out on this business venture it was to create long lasting memories for parents & their families, with professionally printed archival products. Archival means lasting 70+ years which means it will be a heirloom for your children to pass down. 
USB's  are not archival items, much like the good old floppy discs and CD's, they stop making computers that USB's now and who know's what we will have in 20 years time. USB's are included in the collections so you can have access to share your images with family & friends but are not archival. 
Retail store products available to the public will only last 3- 12 months so they are great for immediate enjoyment if the quality is passable but most cheap inks fade, cheap paper deteriorates and items fall apart. 
Photographers have access to the best pro labs in the world, just like an speciality item, they are not always available to the public. 
Remember that cheap isn't good. And good isn't cheap. And this is 100% true when it comes to printed photographs.
"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"
- Benjamin Franklin


The best time to book is during your 2nd trimester. Otherwise book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.
My schedule generally books out 2-4 months in advance depending on time of year.

If you have already had your baby I will do my best to accommodate a session for you.
How to book:
Please get in touch via the website's contact us page for a full pricing guide an electronic booking agreement. Booking fee payment can be made using a direct bank transfer or by card using PayPal.
More information is available under the 'information' tab in the menu bar.
Once you are ready to book, please contact us via the CONTACT page to arrange your session fee payment
and to receive the Full Pricing Schedule

Looking forward to meeting you!
Gillian xx
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