By booking in your Christmas Mini Session via our online booking system, you agree the following terms:

Payments & Scheduling

 I understand that the deposit is due at time of booking to secure my placement on the photographer's schedule. Without this payment there is no booking. 



Deposits  are not refundable. Should Clients need to cancel a session, they must provide notice out of respect for business. Should Clients child fall ill the day before, please notify the Studio. All sickness must be reschedule due to un-immunised newborns being photographed in the Studio. Rescheduling may not be possible for Mini Sessions due to allocated dates and times and clients understand this. 

If your child, yourself or the photographer is unwell, the session cannot proceed on the selected date, there are no fees however 24 hours on all parties must be provided. Please note: If 24 hours are not provided and/or a 'no show' to your scheduled session date or Ordering appointment will require an additional session fee paid for photographer's loss of income for time held from schedule and the session preparation to complete your appointment. Please understand this time is removed from schedule and you cannot be replaced. Not attending without notice a scheduled and confirmed appointment will breach your contract and require a new booking fee.
If you do provide sufficient notice such as 24 hours notice, your session fee may be put towards a future session as a credit at the photographers discretion as long as session is held within 30 days from the original booking. This is due to only accepting certain number of bookings per month. 

Photographer has the right to cancel appointments at any time should they feel the need to do so, this will result in a full refund to client. 


Lateness may mean forfeit of your session or a reduced session time. The photography portion of the session will be 15 mins only - which is in fact plenty off time for kids, this allows 5 mins setup with outfits should you use the PJ's supplied and ending 10 mins prior to the next booked client for you to pack up and organise children. Mini Sessions are priced very low for the reason of it being a mini and these types of sessions are only viable for a Photographer if many are booked in one day, therefore they are fast and prompt. Please plan to arrive early to avoid traffic or getting lost, however please don't plan to start your shoot earlier as I will be attending to other clients at this time. 


IMPORTANT: Camera Phone/Video Usage during a photo session

No photography is permitted by Client or anyone other than the photographer due to the restraints of a mini session. 


After the session - viewing the final Gallery

You will receive a password protected online gallery within 1 weeks from photography date with heavily watermarked images to avoid image theft. Screenshot or saving images with watermark without purchasing is theft and breach of contract. The only digital images you should hold in your possession is those you have purchased.  

{{contract.initials_box}} Little Feather Photography will select the images that best represent their photographic standards for the final gallery. Any unsatisfactory images will be deleted immediately. Galleries cannot be negotiated or requested to be changed to view additional images. Each session is with aim to photograph a gallery amount quoted. Your photographer may take more than the maximum amount of images for a gallery during a session, this is for many reasons such as composition, lighting testing, focus and sharpness. ALL final images are inline with my portfolio you see online. I cannot be accountable for weather conditions.

  • I understand that any digital file created by Little Feather Photography and purchased by me cannot be edited, have a filter added in Instagram (or any other program) or changed in any way. 

  • I understand that due to the custom nature of digital products, all sales are final. 

  • I understand that I cannot copy, scan, edit or distribute the professionally printed photographs I purchase in anyway without the written permission from Little Feather Photography. 

  • I understand that the photographs purchased are for personal use only and are not to be used for commercial use without permission from Little Feather Photography. If I decided to use for anything outside of personal use, a Leasing contract and licence fee will be drawn up by Little Feather Photography and all rights to images will remain with Little Feather Photography due to the cease of personal use. If I do not comply, I understand actions will be taken legally.


Print Release

Little Feather Photography provides full print release to you for the purpose of reproducing personal prints from your purchased digital image files up to 20x30 inch enlargements. Any larger you must organise prints through studio to maintain quality when enlarged.

However, if you choose to print elsewhere including retail stores (such as Big W, Harvey Norman, Kmart & Officeworks etc) we cannot guarantee the quality of prints produced. Little Feather Photography has a monitor calibrated to that of a professional lab to ensure specific colour management is met therefore we can produce high quality products for you.



Little Feather Photography owns the copyright to all images. Little Feather Photography reserves the right to use images for display, publication or other purposes. Please do not copy or scan photos from my website, Facebook page or any other form of advertisement. Penalties apply and all work is protected under the copyright Act 1968. When purchasing digital files you are provided with discretely watermarked web sized files, these are to be used when uploading to any form of social media to protect online image theft.

Little Feather Photography may upload a live video during a session at their discretion as a form of sneak peek. Your image/s will be published on on the Little Feather Photography’s Facebook page (, website blog ( and Instagram page (